Ocelot Chocolate
by Ocelot Chocolate


Ocelot Chocolate is a small business, based in Edinburgh, Scotland, and is owned and run by Matt and Ish. They use only the highest quality ethical produce, and ethical business practices in every way they can. The outer packaging is made in the UK from FSC certified paper stock. The inner film is 100% home and industrial compostable.

They are obsessed with good chocolate - to them it's in a food group all of it's own, and cannot (and should not) be compared to a regular chocolate bar! High-grade dark chocolate - like a fine wine or a specialty cheese - is up there with the most special things in the world and it is an experience to savour, with flavour notes that come in waves and linger long after you finish.


Blood Orange, Black Cherry & Sea Salt are suiatble for vegans.


Select Colour

  • Black Cherry
  • Sea Salt
  • White Almond
  • Blood Orange
  • Buckwheat
  • Violet Milk
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