Doll table light
by Foscarini


Doll is a small table lamp inspired by the shape of the traditional Japanese ‘Kokeshi Doll’. A round head and body, just like the Kokeshi doll’s silhouette, Doll has two simple and distinct volumes that create a new personality on the contemporary home scene.

The head and body of Doll use two different materials for sensation and tradition: blown glass and plastic. The first emanates a warm, magical, diffused light, the plastic body uses the language of colour. A black plastic ring draws a graphic sign that connects the two elements and, at the same time, acts as a support for the light source within.

This product takes a maximum of 4 weeks to arrive when ordered. We will confirm delivery once you have placed your order.

Materials: blown glass, batch-dyed ABS and polycarbonate.

Dimensions: Ø 17 x H 22 cm

Foscarinidoll1.jpg Foscarinidoll2.jpg Foscarinidoll3.jpg