by Marset


The design of the FollowMe, with its oak handle, beckons you to pick it up. With a tilting lampshade made of white polycarbonate, it boasts a fresh, luminous look. Due to its small, warm and self-contained character the FollowMe is ideal both indoors and outdoors. It also works in restaurants and terraces that have no access to electrical outlets, or to replace candlelight. It comes with LED technology and a dimmer. The battery is built-in, and it has a USB port for recharging.

Winner of the Red Dot Award 2016 for Lighting Design.

This product takes a maximum of 4 weeks to arrive when ordered. We will confirm delivery once you have placed your order.

Dimensions: Height 28.8cm x Ø 12.3cm

MarsetFollowme3.jpg MarsetFollowme1.jpg MarsetFollowme2.jpg