Funiculi floor light
by Marset


Throughout his career as a designer, Lluís Porqueras has always sought an absolute simplicity in his designs, doing away with everything superfluous to leave a useful, simple object. Funiculí is the epitome of that concept; 30 years after it first appeared, it is still cutting-edge.

Using the same double-clip mechanism from the original, this scaled-down model allows easy height adjustment and 360º shade rotation. The base of the table model has also been fitted with a black rubber sleeve to prevent contact between the metal and the table, and to give additional stability.

Materials: Base and stem in lacquered iron. Shade in lacquered aluminium. Black rubber wraps the base.

Dimensions: Height: 135cm
Base diameter: 24.8cm
Shade diameter: 18.4cm

This product takes a maximum of 4 weeks to arrive when ordered. We will confirm delivery once you have placed your order.

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