All Plastic
by Vitra


Designed by Jasper Morrison, 2016.

At first glance, the All Plastic Chair is reminiscent of the simple, classic wooden chairs that have been common in Europe for many decades. However, its performance and appearance have been significantly enhanced by adapting the design to an alternative material.

The flattened forms of the frame are moulded in a single piece, while the thin seat surface is organically shaped and the backrest more finely modelled than the back support of conventional wooden chairs. As a result, the All Plastic Chair is strikingly compact and graceful, and the combination of plastic components makes it extraordinarily comfortable.

This product takes a maximum of 2-4 weeks to arrive when ordered. We will confirm delivery once you have placed your order.

Select Colour

  • White two-tone
  • Ice Grey two-tone
  • Buttercup two-tone
  • Ivy two-tone
  • Graphite two-tone
  • Brown 2-tone
  • Brick two-tone
All-Plastic-02.jpg All-Plastic-01.jpg All-Plastic-Dims.jpg