AAC 22
by Hay


Designed by Hee Welling.

The About series is HAY’s most versatile furniture series. It began with a chair and blossomed into a series with virtually unlimited potential.

With the About series, Hee Welling has proven that a single strong idea can hold a wealth of development options. Today, the series includes dining and conference chairs, office chairs, bar stools, lounge chairs, tables, a foot stool and, as the latest addition, a sofa, and it is equally perfect for private and public settings.

AAC 22 is now also available with coloured lacquered bases in the following combinations: Oak green stained with 'Green' shell, Oak brick stained with 'Brick' shell & Oak army stained with 'Hunter' shell. Please enquire to order these finishes.

This product takes a maximum of 4 weeks to arrive when ordered. We will confirm delivery once you have placed your order.

Select Colour

  • White Lacquered Oak
  • Warm Red Lacquered
  • Soft Black Lacquered
  • Pastel Green Lacquered
  • Orange lacquered Oak
  • Khaki Lacquered Oak
  • Dusty Green lacquered
  • Dusty Blue lacquered
  • Cream Lacquered Oak
  • Concrete Grey Lacquered
  • Brick Lacquered
  • Black Lacquered
  • White Soaped
  • Warm Red Soaped
  • Soft Black Soaped
  • Pastel Green Soaped
  • Khaki Soaped
  • Hunter Soaped
  • Green Lacquered
  • Hunter Lacquered
  • Green Soaped
  • Dusty Blue Soaped
  • Dusty Green Soaped
  • Cream Soaped
  • Concrete Grey Soaped
  • Brick Soaped
  • Black Soaped
  • White Black Oak
  • warm red black
  • Soft Black Black Oak
  • Pastel Green Black Oak
  • Orange Black Oak
  • Khaki Black Oak
  • Hunter Black Oak
  • Green Black Oak
  • Dusty Green Black
  • Dusty Blue Black Oak
  • Cream White Black Oak
  • Concrete Grey Black Oak
  • Brick Black Oak
AAC-22-3.jpg AAC-122.jpg AAC-22-dims.jpg